Apr 18, 2014


How dare i mention Good Friday and Easter Eggs in the same sentence?! For shame. Unfortunately I am a Christian who LOVES to celebrate Pagan holidays. Elf on a Shelf at Christmas… yep. Happy Halloween!! And Ressurrection Day wouldn't be complete without a good ole EGG HUNT!! I'm having a few folks over tomorrow to celebrate Easter and Avery's 2nd birthday!! But before we embark on the great hunt we'll all sit down to decorate some eggs. I'm so excited about adding those Gold Leaf Markered eggs to the mix. I'll be breaking out the silver and gold and metallic pastel Sharpies! I love a new twist on an old tradition. I've been using this Gold Leaf Marker for EVERYTHING. So its on my list to restock on my next trip to the craft store! I'm sure I will be posting a bah zillion pictures on Instagram so follow me if you are interested in chocolate bunnies and my peeps (literally and figuratively).

any big plans for Easter Weekend?


P.S. I won't be going to church either. GASP! Something about the standing room only service and the 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot that lures me into playing hooky. I will be there bright and early on the 27th! Our last Sunday in the Middle School building we've been meeting in for the last few years while raising money to build a church. I think my young, innovative, humble pastor and Church are AWESOME. And I'm looking forward to what lies ahead. I am hoping the new nursery will be up and running soon so H and I can go to church together instead of taking turns with Andie. Little h has to stay at home until he can learn to sit still. In the mean time, Sunday morning play dates with his little best bud (and Dancing Goats and the Playground) until we are ALL ready. I'm looking forward to worshipping together as a family.

Apr 17, 2014


Fishing with the folks at Fort Clinch (Fernadina Beach, FL) Spring Break 2014

I've been channeling my Norma Arnold lately (after recently binge-watching the Wonder Years on Netflix). I recently read an article discussing the quest for perfect parenting and living a "Pinterest Worthy" life. Not excluding being a baking, crafting, decorating DIY maniac all in an effort to raise happy and constantly culturally curated kids (that was a mouthful). When if you really think about it (or it least when i do) my parents never even played with me (that I can remember), let alone made a 15 layer chocolate cake with matching aprons. But what I do remember is going down to Daytona Beach, staying in the Days Inn (and wondering how in the hell my mom ever got any sleep with my dad snoring that loudly), watching my dad fish and really just doing nothing except being together as a family. I felt safe, and loved, and lucky (no idea that the Days Inn was not the magical fortress I thought it was). I'm relieved to come to this realization (about life and re Days Inn;-). Maybe now I can cut myself some slack. And just enjoy being their mom. And even enjoy being myself without feeling like I'm scarring them for life or taking away any of the joys of being young and learning all you can. Because they will do just that. Whether we bake the cake together from scratch or just watch Nigella do it on TV (just this once).

did you do anything fun for spring break?


Apr 10, 2014


Are you watching Game of Thrones?!! Well it is back in its fourth season and better than ever!! I'm a sucker for period (like) films and shows and if there are swords and bloody battles - I'm hooked. I must have watched Gladiator (Mel Gibson) a kajillion times. If you are not familiar, these guys are duking it out to claim the title and the Throne and the secrets and truths and lust and lies keep me anxiously tuning in to HBOGO every week.

All of the ladies of GoT are amazing and no one can deny that Khaleesi (Mother of Dragons - not shown) is quite the bad ass but my dear Margaery..

I've been impressed with this one from the start. Stylish, Clever, Beautiful and Determined (to be Queen)... Perfectly poised to keep that tyrannical Disney prince (Joffrey) in his place *rolls eyes*... The big wedding is next Sunday and I hear it is grand and magical and not to be missed!

Yep. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Who is your favorite Game of Thrones character?!

More about Margaery here:


p.s. this girls impression of the mother of dragons made me snort.

p.s.s. Trying to blog from my phone at the moment. Hope this doesn't turn out ok wonky:-/

Apr 7, 2014


Please forgive the interruption. Lost my rhythm a bit the last few weeks. Seems like just when you think you've got it all figured out, "up early, private time, get dressed, wake kids, make breakfast, pack lunch… boom, boom, WOOT WOOT! SUPER MOMMY!! Nope.

At any rate.. I've been working on a couple of parties over the last few weeks, one of which is LITTLE H's!!  Woo Hoo! Somebunny's turning two! Birthdays are like Christmas around here. We decorate and have lots of sweets and we try and come up with something special to give to celebrate the big day! A year older, wiser?

I'm so proud of my big boy. He's been amazing us lately by learning to do things on his own, recognizing the alphabet and counting and playing pretend. Not that there is anything wrong with a boy wearing a pink robe or singing the score to Disney's Frozen, or playing pretend with Barbie's, H and I think its time for a few of his own things (instead of borrowing his sisters).

I'm no toy minimalist. There is plenty to play with around here. We do our best to teach them to be grateful for what they have (although I'm not sure that's going very well). We hand down toys to the little one and donate things we've out grown or don't get much play. I instituted a chore chart (that I hope to share soon) last week that I'm hoping will help to teach the oldest about money and responsibility. I also regularly threaten to put all of the toys in a garbage bag and haul them out of here if they can't find something to play together instead of fighting over the toilet paper roll.

and there was my attempt to relieve myself of any guilt associated with buying more toys.


Mar 24, 2014


Spring planting is in full swing around here. I think I over did it with the seeds. Its taking a bit longer that I anticipated.. At any rate, I've been daydreaming of new tools and stocking up on the proper references and most of my seeds are planted. 

Hoping the weather will be nice and I'll have enough soil to finish things up this coming weekend. In the mean time, I've been sprucing up my little corner on the side of the house where I'm all set up. We've been spending a little time after school every day getting things done. Munchkin helped me put these plant markers together. They turned out so cute, I wanted to share!

What you need: 
Extra Fine Chalk Ink Marker
Paint brush

Super easy. Just paint both sides while holding one end. Taking care to get the edges all the way around. Once you've given them two good coats let it dry before go back and paint the end you were holding. Once they are dry, use your chalk board pen to write. 


You will use this chalk board paint for SO MANY THINGS. I've painted a kids table, a menu board.. I  use it for all sorts of things. And the pen too. I'm just saying, you will definitely use it for more than this project if you don't already have one its worth adding to your craft stash.

I'll admit, I've been doing this for the last few years, and have only gotten a few tomatoes a couple of peppers and bushels upon bushels of herbs.  Crossing my fingers for a glorious and bountiful harvest this year.

Do have a favorite gardening book or tips you could share? 



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