Hi Y'all.

I turned 39 yesterday. And I've decided I have a bit of work to do on the road to 40. So for this moment.. I will be daring to document my space and my time as I journey to build better habits, learn to love myself unconditionally, and become the woman I was always meant to be. Strong in body, confident in self, and of good character . That really sounds all super serious and inspirational right?  Good... just the pep talk I needed to give myself!                   Ready, Set, Go!!!                         xxBH



I've decided to put it all out there and just admit that I'm a self-help addict. I have read and am reading all things pertaining to ways to ensure that I am performing (either for real or in my imagination) at my best at all times. Wake up early! Meditate! Be Grateful -- Hell Yeah! Be vulnerable and brave -- YES YOU CAN! Organic Coconut Oil on everything for everyone one -- MAKE IT RAIN HOORAY! 

With that in mind I've been jazzing up my old vision board. Some things I've checked off the list and others just don't apply to my life as it is now. Thats the amazing (and terrifying) thing about life. Its what you make it, while feeling like you have absolutely no control over it at all. But I can say from experience and from reading about the experiences of others that what you think about, you bring about. Thoughts become things. And while the purpose of an affirmation board is not about "things", it IS about manifesting your thoughts into the things you want to feel and be every day. And most times you already ARE if you just take the time to see it. Its okay to include some of the "I WANT's" too, but most importantly focus on words and images that make you feel inspired, encouraged and empowered. This is what will energize you into taking the daily actions to manifest those feelings into being.

That sounds all super kooky and spiritual right? Stay with me..

Heres an example, I have this picture of a random lady with a huge smile on her face and a very prominent tooth gap. And above her, I've attached a clipping with the words "Be Different". I also have a gap, that as I've gotten older has gotten larger. I've considered getting braces. I've seen a cosmetic dentist to chat about closing it.  But for the time being at least, seeing this woman embrace her gap, the way God made her and intended it, literally reminds me that I am also a super cute gap toothed mama.  BOOM - I have decided to roll with it and just love (the heck out of ) myself just the way I am. Its different. BE DIFFERENT. And thats a good thing. 

Also I find it helpful to use post-its to jot down quotes or thoughts that arise and inspire me as I'm reading and I want to remember. I find myself subconsciously meditating on the words, and even saying them outloud... slipping them ever so gently into my psyche as I start the day... Those go on the board too.

I also have a picture of Oprah. Because Oprah. 

So whats the big deal and how do you create an affirmation board that works?

The goal of an affirmation board is to help you maintain a higher level of self awareness and focus on positive thoughts that reinforce your desires and intentions.

What's the difference between an affirmation board and a vision or dream board. 

They are actually pretty similar, however an affirmation board more narrowly focuses on power words, phrases, and affirmation proclamations that are empowering and help you to get a clearer picture and more  in touch with what you value most. Also visual images, pictures that remind you of a blissful place, past or future are helpful. 

One of these days I'm going to host an Affirmation Board Party. But this last time, I just cleared my desk (and the guest bed), told hubs I needed an hour to myself. Put on some jams and went to work.



A cork board like this one from Target for only 8 bucks. Or even just a poster board.

Tape, glue stick, cutesy thumbtacks like these.



VERY IMPORTANT: That stack of magazines you've been saving because you think you'll look at them again. Technically you could write affirming words on slips of paper, but for me, the act of searching for the perfect words (and leaving holes in magazines I can now put into the recycling bin and clear clutter from the ever growing stack, completes me.) and images is more satisfying.


Give yourself a stress-free hour or two to focus on it. Put on a favorite show or music in the background. Grab some red vines or healthy snack and make it about spending some special time with yourself recharging and preparing to conquer the year or months ahead.

Take some time to think about what's important to you before you get started. Family, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Spiritual Growth, Travel, Career,  Finances... Reminders of events, places, people. Keep these things in mind as you are searching out the words and images to use on your board.

Keep your vision board in a place where you will definitely see it every day. And not just in passing. I keep one at my home office desk. Its where I read quietly every morning before the kids wake, catch up on emails and projects, etc. So I'm definitely seeing it regularly and for more than just a sec.

Keep it neat and organized. if it gets too messy and unpleasing to the eye you won't want to look at it -- it will loose it JuJu.

Leave room to add more to it as the year progress.

So that's it in a nutshell.. Me and Oprah are all set to conquer 2017 gap toothed, smart and organized with room for improvement.