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I'm Bunnie Hilliard, Wife, Mom, Believer, Creative, Podcaster and Serial Entrepreneur. I'm glad you are here and I hope you find something that resonates with you, brings you a little joy, or inspires you in some way.                  Ready, Set, Go!!!                         xxBH




GILMORE GIRLS ON NETFLIX - This was an almost excruciating marathon. I was hell bent on re-watching the old season before diving into the reboot - A Day in The Life - which premiered on Netflix over Thanksgiving week. My therapist gave me the green light as long as I didn't neglect my responsibilities. So...late nights.. ignoring the children only a little.. whistling while I worked. And then finally. I was SO EXCITED to see all the old faces again...the laugh lines, the Juviderm, the gray hair... I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!  I want to move to Stars Hollow. Well if there was just a smidge more diversity... but I digress... That last scene!! I don't want to spoil it for anyone, I'll just leave it at #TeamJess

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE'S MICHAEL CHE --NETFLIX COMEDY SPECIAL ... Kinda Dave Chapelle-ish so not for the squeamish.. COMPLETELY politically incorrect.. Sadly, I laughed my head off while Tony was trying to sleep. Don't judge me.

THE DAILY SHOW WITH TREVOR NOAH   #TrevorNoahIsMyJam.  #ManCrush. #CuteFunnySmart

 BRIDGET JONES'S BABY. We did not make it out for date night as planned when the movie was originally released. Looking forward to popcorn and wine and red vines in bed with the hubs to kick off Christmas Break with this one. I Heart Colin Firth.


INSPIRED FAITH - 365 DAYS A YEAR This devotional every morning when I rise a bit earlier than the kids to get grounded and set for the day. I've had it for ages, but none of the newer ones (Jesus Calling, She Reads Truth, which I think are great) speak to me in an "everyday kinda way" the way this one does. 

CHINA DOLLS BY LISA SEE Reading sporadically while hiding in the bathroom pretending to need a little more time than usual. Ive read most of what she's written and I think I can say she's my favorite author. Slightly obsessed. 

HOW TO BE A PERSON IN THE WORLD: ASK POLLY'S GUIDE THROUGH THE PARADOXES OF MODERN LIFE BY HEATHER HAVRILESKY. Just finished this one up and loaning it to a friend. Excerpts from her column on the surface seemed aimed only at lost millennials, but there is truly something in there for everyone and for everyday. She's a straight shooter with common sense advice. Sometimes you need a reminder of how to do the right thing and to just be yourself.

 THE GIFT OF IMPERFECTION BY BRENE BROWN. I'm such a fan of her work on resilience and vulnerability. Super insightful and a quick read. I'm done if anyone wants to borrow!

LOVE WARRIOR BY GLENNON DOYLE MELTON I saw her on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and was immediately intrigued. I attended her "Together Tour" when they stopped in Atlanta, and a friend loaned me this like two months ago. I hope she's not reading this because I just cracked this one open. I was finishing up the other books and wanted to give this one my full attention--don't judge!  Looks necessary and promising. Will circle back with my findings. 


THE BAREFOOT BOOK OF CHILDREN BY TESA STRICKLAND, KATE DEPALMA AND DAVID DEAN. So much goodness in this book. The illustrations and messages are amazingly diverse, engaging, and empowering. In short, about what makes us unique as individuals and the human commonalities that tie us all together. 

TOY DANCE PARTY BY EMILY JENKINS and illustrated by Caldecott Medal winner Paul O. Zelinsky. Chronicles the adventures of three brave and loving toys. Kinda like an old school Toy Story? Anyways.. great family read -- we love this series so much!

FLY GUY SERIES BY TEDD ARNOLD   My Pre-Ker and I usually visit big sisters school library at least once a week to haul off some books of our own. He is currently cracking up at this short illustrated little early chapter book series about Fly Guy (a fly) and his bestie, a boy named Buzz.. and all of their adventures.

Check out more fun kids book recommendations on our kids book club Instapage over here. 



MOMISH RADIO. Shameless plug. But seriously, Its informative, relatable, and entertaining. In the last episode we chatted it up on the topic of "Talking to Your Kids About Sex". And so it begins..

THE YEAR OF YES-- HOW TO DANCE IT OUT, STAND IN THE SUN AND BE YOUR OWN PERSON BY SHONDA RHIMES. On Audible. So inspiring. I had put off reading this one although I'm a big fan of her work (Private Practice and Greys Anatomy), because I thought it was one of those "Lean In" hardcore books that always make me feel like a slacker. I jumped on the treadmill and put my EarPods in with this one and what I heard was uplifting, inspiring, and what I knew all along. We are all the same. Inside. We all have fears and insecurities. We all want the same things. We want to feel strong, we want our children to see us as strong and successful. In whatever way that we choose to define success. We want to kick ass every day, at work, at home, in our relationships. We want to be happy, and to have happy and authentic and meaningful relationships.. We want it all, and WE CAN HAVE IT, or at least most of it. But first we have to say yes, not to everyone else, but to ourselves. She narrates the book. I love her voice, like chatting with a good friend. 

SOLANGE KNOWLES -- A SEAT AT THE TABLE,  ON SPOTIFY. I'm a Beyonce fan. Checking out little sis. She's got her own vibe. And I like it.

Well that's it for now. Lets have an Kick Ass Week.


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