Hi Y'all.

I'm Bunnie Hilliard, Wife, Mom, Believer, Creative, Podcaster and Serial Entrepreneur. I'm glad you are here and I hope you find something that resonates with you, brings you a little joy, or inspires you in some way.                  Ready, Set, Go!!!                         xxBH

This Is 39.

This Is 39.

I had a lovely birthday yesterday. It was the last day of school for  my oldest. We went to her end of the year assembly, they played the saddest songs for the 8th grade graduates I thought I might burst into tears... I scheduled a 945 Bar Method class with my Class Pass Membership, You know you are a real grown lady when a good work out is part of your birthday plans.. it was an amazing work out, I feel a smidge skinnier and super sore. Just the way I like it. Not your average gym locker room shower set up. I didn't have my flip flops (shower shoes) and I didn't care. The amenities were spa like (I shall return). Lemon Body Scrub down before heading over for my scheduled massage. Checked in, realized  that I Forgot my gift certificate (gifted for chairing the Pre-School Auction in the spring)... called H. annoyed, but certainly was not about to reschedule. The masseuse was very good. If only I could have focused on relaxing and not the fact that the littlest was on his 3rd day of steroids for the current asthma flare up and still coughing. Also, thinking of ways to increase my discretionary income, so that these massages are a more frequent occurrence. And wondering if I had scrubbed well enough in all the right places since I was lying naked in a room with a stranger. At any rate, thankful that H. took the day off so he could manage the little people (I'm assuming he did that for me:-). Next up Lunch -- I headed over to the little bistro next door where I recently purchased the perfect macaroons for the end of the year teacher and Girl Scout volunteer gifts. The French Connection Salad, had amazing cherry wood smoked mozzerella and it made me as happy as I have been in quite some time. Fast forward to an evening at a night club where they played all of my favorite songs from 1996 and I danced the night away with the perfect cocktail and some old and new friends.. Definitely one for the books. 

I'm documenting this, because Ive decided unequivocally, that I want every single birthday to be just like this. Seriously Carbon Copy. Unless I'm chilling on the French Riveira with my homies (and) or H. 


My birthday morning was blissful and I spent it all by my lonesome. I only feel slightly guilty for having some of my most pleasurable moments (ever) without my family.

Macarons and fresh flowers in a (8 oz) mason jar are the perfect casual "thank you" and hostess gift. I will never have to worry again about what to get someone.

New fave go to easy cocktail: Bourbon and Ginger. I'm determined to be a woman who can handle hard liquor (if I choose to) and Bourbon is my drink of choice. I'm from the South so its decided.

Please be more prepared. If I had turned off the TV and made a list of the things that I needed to make sure I had together for the next day that whole gift certificate fiasco would not have happened.. 1st order of business for "The Next 30 Days."

Not sure If I left anything out but this'll work for now.


P.S.  Silver Lining -- I still have that gift certificate so that means another massage is on the horizon and I'm already feeling more relaxed just thinking about it.

The Next 30 Days -- without TV.

The Next 30 Days -- without TV.