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The Next 30 Days -- without TV.

The Next 30 Days -- without TV.

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm not sure if I've lost my mind or found it, but I've decided to embark upon a journey to become more productive and purposeful with my time. Just in time for a summer at home with the kids??! Geez... Partly due to the Spa Gift Certificate Debacle and the rest due to the fact that I've been putting it off for some time.  I mean I've been wanting to give it a try for at least a year or two, but honestly I just didn't think I'd really stick to it. Or maybe I was afraid it would force me to do ALL the things I've been putting off, or hiding from, or procrastinating on. Fear of failure, fear of success or a little of both. I mean, its not as if I watch a tremendous amount of TV, but I've realized that I use it as a crutch or vice even, especially during times of high stress. All while being a super stickler about the kids finding something better to do with their time (instead of watching tv). So for the month of June, I'm going to try my very best to put my money where my mouth is, and find something better to do. Except on Sundays, at 9, when Game of Thrones is on. Cause well.. you know, there is nothing better than that.


So the plan is to put the kids to bed, get in my pjs and pull out the note pad that I'll be keeping in my nightstand. First, I will make a record of my expenses during the day (another thing that i'm working on), and a list of the  things I plan to take care of the next day. Next, I'll pull out my lap top and work on whichever project is current, while listening to one of the many audible purchases I've downloaded and have neglected to listen to, or some current music -- currently feeling Drake and Frank Sinatra... Don't Hate. After 30 mins to an hour of that I'll shut down and pull out whatever Im in the mood to read, and hopefully fall asleep and get so much rest that I wake up feeling like Snow White, umm.. Snow Black.

WHAT I WOULD PROBABLY RATHER BE DOING IF I'M BEING HONEST: Bingeing on The Bold and The Beautiful (yeah I said it!), Scandal, Luther, old episodes of Seinfeld, or whatever loveliness Netflix has to offer.

WHAT I'M HOPING WILL HAPPEN INSTEAD: I will replace the need to stay current with whats happening in fairytale land and invest more time in making my own life a fairy tale. Well at least, a bit less stressed, more prepared, more motivated, smarter and more organized in general.

Whew.. That's a pretty tall order for just shutting off the tube. Well.. baby steps anyway.

SIDE NOTE: With all successful and bearable challenges, I firmly believe you must have a cheat day. A day to motivate you, and look forward to. A reward for all of your hard work. That day will be Sunday. The Sabbath. A day to celebrate the old gods, and the new -- Game of Thrones. #NOSHAME

Join me if you'd like, but at the very least pray for me.. I'm gonna need it.

Happy Summer!


P.S. If you need me today or tomorrow I will be summer cleaning and clearing out my Netflix que.

photo credit: Holstee Manifesto

Hello June..

Hello June..

This Is 39.

This Is 39.