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I'm Bunnie Hilliard, Wife, Mom, Believer, Creative, Podcaster and Serial Entrepreneur. I'm glad you are here and I hope you find something that resonates with you, brings you a little joy, or inspires you in some way.                  Ready, Set, Go!!!                         xxBH

Hello June..

Hello June..

For all intents and purposes its officially summer around here! The kids are out of school and I'm literally working on the front porch with a big glass filled with ice and a pitcher of lemonade while the kids play with the water hose in the yard (super cliche' I know:-/). I just finished calls with two girl friends where I had some of the biggest and best belly laughs out loud, and discussed how we were so glad that no-one else was getting any work done either.  It doesn't get much better right? Im grateful for sure, but also counting down the hours until I can give the children  a long bath and put them to bed. I love their smiling faces forever and ever but sadly, bed time is still my favorite.

I'm going to will this summer into being exactly as it should. Some beach time, some lake time. Some time with family and friends. Half day summer camps on and off. And some days around the house playing in the yard while I whip up something healthy for me, trying my darnedest to stay out of the kids snacks ... listening to summer reads from my audible cue.  Using all of our family museum memberships (and those of some friends) at least twice. Dragging the kids to the Y to swim and to play while I work out. Some fun early morning Class Pass workouts while all are still sleeping and my morning run with Lydia on Saturdays...

And a few things just for me... because I'm realizing that when I'm happier, charged, feeling more focused and fulfilled, I have more to give (and feel less stressed and drained when doing so) to the people and things that need me...  

So I'm Currently listening to Twylar Tharps The Creative Habit in the morning for inspiration and Modern Lovers by Emma Straub in the evening to wind down.

And jamming to Views by Drake, my Frank Sinatra station on Pandora, this awesome Spotify channel of a fun TRX instructor I met at the new gym I found ** I'm listening at this very moment**.

Penciling in some time to explore this list to check out with H and friends on summer date nights in ATL..

Perfecting this icebox cake and this easy signature cocktail to have in my back pocket at all times this summer because I'm solidifying my southern belle status once and for all . 

Reading The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom or Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff for a few before falling asleep.

Not the sexiest or most glamorous agenda by far... But if I were to read about this woman in a summer beachy novel, I'd think it was pretty okay..

Its all a part of my master plan. To (try like hell) to accept myself for who I am at this moment in time. No high powered corporate gig to run off to (it pinched just a little to even write that), just my almost 40 self, conquering whats before me one day at a time, carving out what's mine, and becoming the woman I was meant to be.

And.... Plotting to ensure these two are as close as can be, two peas in a pod, by forcing them to love each other and depend on each other for food, play, friendship (survival) this summer. We are two days in and they already have a secret hand shake  **tips my sorceress hat**

Happy Summer,


P.S. After yesterday, Im certain I will need to binge watch Sex and The City, hopefully while cranking out a load of laundry, setting out my workout clothes for the next day, and pulling out my laptop for a bit of work and research.-- you know, all purposeful and productive right? 

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This Delicious Tuna Salad is giving me life.

This Delicious Tuna Salad is giving me life.

The Next 30 Days -- without TV.

The Next 30 Days -- without TV.