Hi Y'all.

I'm Bunnie Hilliard, Wife, Mom, Believer, Creative, Podcaster and Serial Entrepreneur. I'm glad you are here and I hope you find something that resonates with you, brings you a little joy, or inspires you in some way.                  Ready, Set, Go!!!                         xxBH



I was having this conversation about the things I tell myself vs. the things I would tell (or never tell) my daughter.

>> Even when she was in my belly, I would tell her, "You are so smart, and talented. You are beautiful.. There is nothing you can't accomplish if you only strive and put your mind to it." 
>> But what about me? Don't these things apply to me (and to you too)?

Subconsciously judging myself, pointing out my mistakes, where I was lacking or not feeling good enough, smart enough, thin enough.. You know the drill. So I made a promise to commit to encouraging myself in the very same manner that happens so innately with my children. 


I HONOR MY BODY AND AM GRATEFUL FOR THE WORK IT DOES FOR ME EVERYDAY.  I am grateful for this beautiful chocolate skin, may it never dull or crack.  Put as much love into your body as you can. Talk to it in a loving way. Touch and stroke it in a loving way. These aren't stretch marks, they are sexy tiger stripes.. YASSSS... 

I RECIEVE ALL THAT IS KIND AND POSITIVE AND LOVING.  Now, more than any time that I can recall.. the world seems so divided. And Ive struggled to find a place where I could feel informed, stand up for what I believe in, but not be consumed by the negativity. So I (read The Skimm every morning, and then) try to put positivity out there whenever and wherever I can. Smile, open and hold doors for people, compliment them..  Send notes, call and tell family and friends how much they mean, how amazing they are.. and know that it will come back to you. And that you and the world will be better for it.

GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR MY LIFE, HE CAUSES ME TO TRIUMPH AND SUCCEED. What is success anyway? Is it Fortune and titles? Accomplishments and accolades or material things?? A Pinterest-worthy, Instagram-worthy life? Who gets to decide? I'll tell you what.. In spite of what society says.. Its Gods purpose for my life that I aim to concern myself with.  Everyday that I put God first, do what inspires me, love my family fiercely, and make an effort to be better than the day before., that feels like success. I get to decide. And you do to. So what does success mean to you?  

I PLACE VALUE ON THE THINGS I NEED FOR MYSELF.  I’ve (mostly) realized that the guilt trip I lay on myself about making self-care a priority is hurting no one but me. I am more alive, and happy, (less ashy) and empowered to be awesome for my family, my work, my pursuits, when I take the time to take care of me. 

I WILL LEAD MY BEST LIFE, NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S. I've deleted the Facebook app (at least for the time being) from my phone. Checking in on what everyone else is doing on a daily basis, causes me to eventually start to compare my world with others. And while I love you friend.. I'm not gonna lie.. I wish I was with you on that trip to France, or the birthday party that you forgot to invite me to (that one really hurt)... And if you haven't heard already.. Comparison is the thief of Joy. It really is... Tony sent me a note the other day after a particularly rough day of contemplating some of the things I was working on that said, "Lead YOUR best life, not someone else's."  My journey is my own to take, I will not waste it.

So I dare you to come up with a list of things that you are struggling with, just a few. And commit to encouraging yourself. Just the way you would if your best friend or your child needed it. Because we all do.