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five daily habits for happiness...

I like to start my notes to you as if we're already in the middle of a conversation. I pretend that we're the oldest and dearest friends -- as opposed to what we actually are, people who don't know each other's names... -- Kathleen Kelly

1. Hair and Sunnies. I've realized recently that I almost always do my hair in the car (as I'm driving the kids to school). I have hairpins and rubber bands in the car door. Using the rearview mirror, holding hairpins in my mouth and switching back and forth between the coffee and the hair brush. So unless I've recently been to the salon, on most days my hair looks like (and was) an after thought. Now don't get me wrong.. a messy bun is my jam. But today I took an extra five minutes to step into the powder room and do a sassy little french halo braid, threw on my favorite Warby Parker sunnies and I'm certain I got a few double takes.. If not from the other drivers then from giving myself a few winks in that rearview mirror..

2. Concealer and Coffee.. You like how I snuck that extra thing in there. But they kind of go hand in hand don't you think? I'm a grownup. And I look better with concealer. It is a fact. A couple of bouts with random break outs and these under eye dark circles that (I'm pretty certain )I've had since birth, and here we are. My daughter asks, why I wear make up and my response is that "its like nail polish.. I don't have to wear it but I like to." Thats what I came up with on the spot, but true none the less.. And well coffee makes me come alive and feel like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound.. Until it wears off, and then I drink another cup.. I think that's called addiction:-(

3. Prayer and Devotional.. Again these two go hand in hand?? I try my very hardest to do this before anyone else is awake and I have a few quiet minutes to myself in the morning... I read a few pages from which ever faith based book in rotation and a corresponding bible chapter. Sometimes it feels like checking off a to do list item. But I'm okay with keeping this (intentional) appointment because among other things, It really helps to set a tone of purpose and intention for my day.

4. Exercise and Eating Well.. I'm certain that this isn't a polite thing to say, but I'd really like my thighs to not rub together (anymore). I don't mind if they touch. But I have yet to come to terms with the sound they make when I walk. Which I was (almost) fine with, but became a smidge perterbed when my daughter (naively) asked me what that noise was? So for that reason.. and all the other ones.. I make a big leafy salad and hit the treadmill, or the gym, or the beltline as many times as I can force myself to during the week.

5. Journaling ... This makes me feel just like Oprah. Writing down my thoughts, my hopes, my fears, and yes the things I'm grateful for. If its good enough for her then certainly.. I found this hard backed spiral bound, peacock patterned notebook on (super duper) sale at the bookstore and bought 10 of them. I love flipping back through them and realizing how much I've grown and the things that I still struggle with. I imagine my children passing them on to their kids and I'm certain I'll need them to write my memoirs... just saying...

6. My Top 3 To Do's.. I tried unsuccessfully to squeeze this in with the last one but couldn't make it fit (without sounding too wordy). But what really makes me feel fabulous (that's really such a corny word) is pulling myself together enough to start the day with a list of the top 3 things that I will (come hell or high water) force myself to accomplish that day. I'm a list maker and nothing makes me feel smarter, and more assertive, and productive than writing things down and crossing them off (and then high-fiving myself, or whoever else is around).

What's your top 5?



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