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five apps to start the day right...

(Phone) alarm goes off. Grabs from nightstand and then GO:

FIRST 5: A five minute bible scripture, devotional and prayer (and then the option for more) to start the day.

ACCUWEATHER: Literally up to the minute forecast. I have been standing on the playground and this app told me it would rain in 7 minutes and it totally did.

CANVA: Build the perfect Motivational post or pic and put it our in the Universe to jump start your day.

WAZE: I'm not sure how I ever got anywhere (in Atlanta) before this app. Side streets to avoid the highway and get around traffic on the way to school or the gym or the littles sports activities EVERY TIME.

PODCAST: Wow in The World for the kiddos ride to school and then The Daily and 1A to start the day informed, encouraged, inspired.


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