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five favorite kids podcasts and other carpool tunes...

Music just isn't what it used to be (in the olden days of the 90's??) and even if you catch a good clean song with a great beat it is sure to be followed by one with much innuendo and/or just plain embarrassing lyrics. Even my beloved NPR, choc full of what's happening in todays news is sure to scar the children for the rest of the day (if not their lives) with breaking news of the newest horrific update. So I've sworn off (all my favorite stations) music at least for the ride to school and instead tune into one of our fave family podcasts or preprogrammed stations . One for each day of the week! And then (for now) I break down and and listen to KidsBop for the carpool home...

NPR: Wow In The World: Now in its second season, the kiddos look forward to listening to and learning about ALL THE THINGS from outer space to toots (what we call farts) to Squirels and where they hide their nuts. Its informative and kooky and we give WOW in the World and their hilarious hosts two thumbs up.

Short and Curly. A great mix of silliness and serious questions, this ethics based family podcast captivates our attention with high profile guests, Q & A with the Kids and the Australian accents of the shows super fun co-hosts.

Brains On Is a science podcast for kids by American Public Media. Tackling questions from its listeners like:

"Hazel and Eleanor read: If a bee is flying outside of a car going as fast as the car is going and then it goes into the car through the window, would it still have to fly as fast as the car is going or could it just hover?

Turns out Albert Einstein wondered about the same kind of things. Listen to the episode to hear how Einstein’s theory of relativity helps to tackle these profound questions."

Pandora - Radio for Kids Radio Tired of listening to KidsBopKids on repeat? This throws in some favorite movie soundtracks, and modern pop and rock songs that aren't overly suggestive or mature) (e.g. Justin Timberlake in Trolls, and Duane Johnson in Moana...)

Spotify: Hilliard Family Jams is well.. my Jam! I've made a playlist with some of the kids favorite songs, some old school 80's jams, Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder... I'll add to it as we find new (and remember old) songs we love. Its great for the ride to school or Saturday mornings or whenever..

What are you listening to?


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