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Mom Fails + 20 Ways to Self Care in 2018

Its the first day back after two snow days at home and you would think that I would have it all together, ready to tackle today and be super productive... ready to get back at it and check all the boxes and do all the things. Over the last couple of days I had spent some time working on my new (attempt at a) bullet journal) and even had a great plan to keep the kids busy during our unscheduled days at home. But alas, I woke up this morning with an extra hour to get the kids ready and commenced to all the mommy fails I could muster up.

Spent an extra twenty minutes doing hair for crazy hat/hair day at school only to arrive (late) and realize they had postponed to next Friday (due to the snow days).

I"m pretty sure I've given my child a complex about the boogies that seem to constantly be hanging out in her nose.

Fuss, Fuss, Fuss, all the way to school..

Left my cell phone at home, I have no idea where it is, as it apparently has no battery charge.

Left every single light in the house on.

The kitchen is a total disaster.

The dog has left a confetti blizzard of the paper towels from breakfast that apparently fell on the floor.

Just to name a few...

In other more encouraging news is, I was able to take the pipe cleaners out of my daughters hair in the parking lot (although my son still has spray painted polka dotted hair for the day) before sending them in the building. I had a spinach and berry smoothie for breakfast (instead of the yummy birthday cake tasting oatmeal I made the kids) and am steadfastly sticking to my Whole10 goals. I have on my workout gear so I"m hoping that means I will take the dog on a nice long walk and head to the gym to sweat off todays missed marks. And I've had my coffee and after two cups I'm pretty sure I can take on anything (and anyone).

And now for the post I had originally intended which comes right in time as I need to refresh and refocus in the days ahead.

Jumping right in to 2018 with a list of things to take care of myself from the inside out this year. With budgeting and savings goals in mind, I've brainstormed some things that put a smile on my face, make me feel good inside and out, that don't involve anyone else but me and cost nearly nothing-- that make me feel like all is right with the world..

1. Create a personal mantra or manifesto.

A goal of mine for this year. Inspired by this Ted Talk by Lidia Yuknavitch and this one.. to soul search, be honest about my priorities and goals and write it out. And to say it everyday until I internalize and believe it.

2. Call up friend to meet you out for a last minute nearby neighborhood cocktail after dinner.

And not just any old friend. A friend (or friends) that are positive and make you feel good about yourself. The ones who build you up and make you laugh. The honest and true and vulnerable and open one that reciprocate your vulnerability and leave you feeling fuller and brighter and glad. Pick a place that's close with easy parking on a random night when its not super packed. It really is the best thing ever. You are adulting and not spending what you would if you were having dinner and its just you without the fuss of getting anyone else ready or having to accommodate... also let the cackling commence.

3. Write a list of 100 things that you love about yourself.

You may not be able to write 100 all in one sitting. Better yet, keep a running list. And add to it when you are feeling like you want or need to. Also, take some time to refer back to it without adding anything at all.

4. A Facial Mask

I just ordered these Gold and Snail under eye patches and can't wait to give them a try.

5. Get rid of all of the things in your closet that don't make you feel like a million bucks.

No seriously. The clothes you'll fit into later. The things that don't fit quite right, but you'll wear them. That boho dress that looked great in the catalog, but isn't quite your style. Host a swap party, donate it to a local shelter or Goodwill. Get rid of it. And only leave the things you love.

6. Spend some time searching for inspirational quotes to add to your journal/planner.

Start with this encouraging IG account and this spirit filled one.

7. Watch a movie from across the pond.

I was so fascinated by the Netflix Original: The Crown, that I'm watching it again (in case I missed any morsel) and am queing up Amazon Prime's Victoria for my next mountain load of laundry.

8. Call or Text an old friend from college or high school.

And let the cackling commence.

9. Make a huge yummy salad.

Include all the faves, avocado, nuts, berries or seeds. And I instantly feel at least like I've lost 3 pounds.

10. DIY Mani and Pedi.

If I'm being honest, I can only really pull off a mani. Attempting a pedicure results in high levels stress and feelings of inadequacy and the result looks as if I had my 5 year old son help mommy paint her toes.. My fave everyday polish here.

11. Take a long hot shower.

Remove hair from unwanted places, scrub those heels, and exfoliate, and moisturize all the things. Most of my showers consist of washing my Holy Trinity as quickly as possible and getting dressed sans lotion and eventually super ashy. Enjoying a intentional shower is a luxury and a rarity.

12. Grab your fave beverage and a celebrity or gossip mag (reality TV works too!).

Self Care is a No Judgement Zone. The point is mindless, laughing, drooling, vegging...

13. Create a Spotify station with all my favorite songs from the 90's

I have a station with the songs we like to "Jam Out" to as a family, but am in the process of adding songs to one that's just for me.. Brandy, Usher, Lauryn Hill.. open to all trips down memory lane..

14. Go for a run or long walk and listen to a favorite podcast or current audio book.

Currently listening to the first book of the current trilogy by Kevin Kwan titled Crazy Rich Asians set to be made into a movie in August of this year. WOOP.

15. Get a yoga session in.

Not obligatory, not cliche', just mandatory.

16. Head to a coffee shop after the kiddos are in bed with a good book in tow.

I am trying desperately to get through this book that I actually find simultaneously captivating (and depressing). In my defense, it is over 800 pages long. Putting the kids to bed and rushing off to a coffee shop feels just the covert secret mission I have to complete.

17. Read, Pray, Meditate.

Here's how I do a little devotional and prayer session. I'm not exaggerating when I say I find a direct correlation with having a less stressful day when I incorporate this into my daily routine.

18. Take action on a project.

So many things to do, so little time. I suggest doing a brain dump of your list onto paper. And pick one. Order the frame for that photograph you've been meaning to hang. Take a look at the gym schedule and put the days and time on to your calendar with reminders. Do a power hour where you just make all the calls and set all the appointments you've been meaning to get around to. Lightening your load is definitely self care.

19. Create a new Pinterest or vision board.

Celebrity Crushes, Hair Goals, Healthy Recipes, Personal Style something that encourages you and inspires you to flourish and keep your goals top of mind.

20. Head to your favorite store and touch all the things..

Inhale... Exhale.. Inhale.. Exhale.. Deep Breaths..


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