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Mom Makeup + New Hair

If I'm being honest.. In the last year or so, even as I hit a milestone birthday, I have started to (for longer than I'd like to admit) feel (and look) a bit frumpy. After a hair trim and a few months of home blow outs, my signature messy bun, had turned into a struggle bun (so I got these fun and sleek new braids). My mid section has gotten a bit squishier (as my 5 year old calls it). And my super cute new makeup bag definitely needed some new make up (and new ideas).

So as I make a plan to refresh and refocus (on me, now that I have the youngest is in Kindergarten) and make a plan (to conquer the world) for 2018. I'm excited to prioritize feeling and looking my best.

Hence scheduling this AH MAZING Glam Session with Atlanta Make Up Artist (and fellow dance mom) Charlene Legend.

I was so excited to get into her chair and talk motherhood and makeup tips, tricks and trends for a fresh and polished look for this year and beyond..

Our daughters dance together and I am almost always caught without makeup and feeling completely embarrassed because she always looks so amazing. But in my defense it is an early Saturday class.. But I digress.

My goal was a look that was fresh and polished. And if we could turn back the clock a few years... I'd take that as well..

Charlene gave me this amazing and glamorous look... And I could not stop staring at myself. Those lashes were mesmerizing.. I was floored by this transformation.

I'm pretty sure she must be some sort of sorceress, but I was able to glean some good advice on putting my best face forward this year...Super excited to share:

Start with Natural Beautiful Brows, start from the middle.

There was a boxy brow trend going around, but Charlene showed me how to do light. small strokes, starting from the middle going out. And then back to the front near the nose to blend moving back. Small strokes..not overly defined. A little concealer underneath to camouflage the unwaxed strays. . A brow pencil like this Spiked by MAC is easy to manage and works well..

The right Concealer.

A few weeks ago I went home with a concealer from Sephora that matched my face. Wrongo. Something at least two shades lighter than your skin tone works much better to lighten the dark under I circles (I was born with) .A good cream based concealer.

Mix foundations

Custom color matching different tones in the skin is the way.. Charlene used the MAC conceal and correct medium palette on my skin. I've realized as I've gotten older that my face is several different shades of brown. Very Light in my T-zone. Darker under the eyes and around the perimeter. And so my old faithful foundation needs a little help. Mix your foundation colors to find the perfect combination.

Pressed Powder to finish a full coverage look.

A good powder will set the makeup and make it last longer throughout the day. Loose works as well. A great drug store find that works amazingly well for girls of color is Iman Luxury Pressed Powder applied with a brush.

The cherry on top

Matte Liquid lipstick is new new. Freshen up your look and nix having to reapply all day. It gives a polished and youthful look... A list of 13 to consider with photos here.

5 minutes for make up with 5 items

Five minutes is right up my alley as I have ( like my mother before me) mastered the art of applying a full face of make up on the drive to school (at the stop lights of course). To pull off a quick but polished face you must do:

1.under eye concealer

2. blush

3. Pressed Powder

4. Lippy, and lashes... and liner..

that's six:-/

The one item that will freshen your look for 2018. LASHES.

Well actually skin first. A great even skin tone goes along way. Whether you achieve that with a great foundation and/or mixed with a great skin care routine.. Add lashes and POW. They completely made the difference in the look. If you aren't quite ready to splurge. Try building out with this fiber enhanced mascara. But seriously, as far as I can tell.. lashes really take at least five years off of your face.. don't get me wrong, I love what God gave me.. but....Shaking my piggy bank and making an appointment for lash extensions STAT (don't judge).

This was super fun, inspiring, and helpful! Be sure to check out Charlene on IG @charlenesalterlegend and stay tuned as she shares more Before and After shoots from her work. And definitely reach out if you are in Atlanta -- because you deserve the best!

Thanks so much for hanging out with me Charlene!


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