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Happy New Year + How to get your goals back on track for 2018.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I've said a few times (in January) that February 1st would have to be my new year. I tried and failed more than a few times last month to kick start my new goals for the new year to no avail. So I spent the latter part of the month putting a plan together to begin today, Feb 1.

With that in mind, I've been mulling over a word or a phrase to keep me motivated to stay on track. Honestly, every single day, I want to eat a cookie, blow off my work out and sleep in just a little longer. But inevitably, regret ensues. Sticking to a goal (and seeing the positive results) is a sure fire way to feel like a winner. In a perfect world I would instantly lose a half pound each time I threw an Oreo in the trash.. but noo.. Jesus doesn't love me that much... But since I do have free will (no matter how flimsy it can be on occasion), I am doing all I can to equip myself with the resources and resolve to push forward with NO EXCUSES. Each time I feel myself crumbling under the weight of my enormous sweet tooth (when my eldest was five she swore it was the gray one in the back!!) or am tempted to hit the snooze button.. I will say to myself.. NO EXCUSES. If I only kinda commit to it, I will only kinda get the results I want.. And so it begins.

5 STEPS -- Starting again and setting up for success:

1. Put goals front and center

* Get clear on what you want to accomplish. Start with five things.

* Make a plan, write it down.

* Block out time to dedicate to work on your goals.

* Refer to your list every day.

* Get to work.

2. Habit Tracker

This year, I've adopted the bullet journal method in lieu of a traditional planner. With the Bullet Journal I can organize my goals and days just they way I want. Lots of space for to do lists, a page for every day, back pages for goals and notes for later.. Bonus --I can change the layout as I go if I decide something wasn't working and I have a better idea.

3. Set an Alarm

I know this seems elementary, but I had actually stopped using an alarm (in college). My body will wake me at the same time everyday and I really hated the abrupt and startling sound of an alarm.. But over the years and with my non traditional schedule I have digressed. In an attempt to be more consistent I've set the alarm.. and set the intention to wake at 5:30 am. It gives me an hour to myself for prayer and devotional study, to get dressed and piddle about a bit.. and to get breakfast started without the tazmanian rush that happens when I wake up just before getting the kids up..

4. Put Fitness on the Calendar

Prioritize and schedule around work outs. Its really the only way. Once, I was Chairing a volunteer effort for the kids school and I would get really frustrated by parents that wouldn't show up to the meetings (due to their previously scheduled fitness plans -- i.e. yoga, tennis, body pump). These folks were also amazingly in shape. Soo... I've found a barre, pilates, and dance fitness class around the same time every day (after I drop off the kiddos) and put it on the calendar. Everything else happens after that.

5. Some Wiggle Room

That doesn't really bode with the theme of no excuses, but for my own sanity, and self care, I need a day of rest. A sabbath. Some grace. I don't drink often (enough) so I will allow myself wine when out with friends. Also, I don't eat out very often so saving desert for a special occasion (instead of inhaling the treats I keep around for the kids) should suffice. And all bets are off if I have cramps, its best for all parties. The goal is not complete deprivation as much as it is building good habits that will stick.

Do you have a "word" for 2018? Its not too late..

Happy New Year!


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