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Sharing some Easter Basket Ideas!

Getting ready for Easter and gathering these items along way.. For going the traditional "basket" and opting for something that will get a ton of use, for sports, ballet, overnights etc.. and filling it with these goodies, a good template (so I'm not just throwing a gazillion (and million dollars worth of things in a bag) for moving forward --- a book, a sweet treat, and a puzzle (or toy)..

REI backpacks/ Hope for Each Day Kids Devotional / MudPuppy 500 Piece Popsicle Puzzle/ Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies

Crocodile Creek Wild Animal Puzzle /REI Backpack Dear Dragon by Josh Funk

YOU GET SOME PEEPS, and YOU GET SOME PEEPS! And YOU GET SOME PEEPS! No really, every one gets a pack of peeps including hubby and the dog. Marshmallows are Ave's favorite (and the only candy) sweet he will eat and are the quintessential Easter candy, we are opting for the "bunny" version.. I'm sure you can guess why:-)

Maybe adding this super cute Jelly Cat Woodland Bunny for good measure.

Are Easter baskets still a thing?



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