A serious question...

In this new decade of my life, I have been feeling an urging to make peace with myself just as God made me, to accept and even embrace my flaws. Letting go of the past and who I thought I would be (at this stage in life), and moving forward with excitement about who I get to be.

I was listening to a favorite podcast recently where she talked about "Coming Home" to yourself. It really resonated with me to my core and prompted me to ask myself

When was a time in your life when you felt most like you?

...to the extent that you could say to yourself (and whomever you were with if applicable) THERE I AM.

In no particular order:

1. Writing this Blog

2. Leading meetings and events at the children school.

3. Giving advice to a friend.

4. Dancing on my birthday with good friends.

5. Planning for Podcast

6. During prayer meditation

7. Creating

I'm not finished with this list yet. I have a goal of 15. I'm really digging deep and soul searching on this one because as I also search daily for truth, and purpose, and confidence, and grace, and perseverance and what feels good and right (for me and my family), I really believe this list will be my guide.

So I pose it to you as well.


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