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So I've been creating these little printable organizational (and inspirational) tools to keep me sane as I plan for myself and for my family, and recently added them to the empty Etsy Shoppe I've been holding on to for a few years:-) I'm hoping someone else can find them as useful as I have (for a small fee:-).

I keep a few of these "Dinner Plan" sheets printed in my kitchen drawer and pull them out on Sundays (and then peruse Instagram and a stack of magazines for inspiration) Then jot down what I plan to attempt for dinner during the week (sometimes we have cereal). Then I'll use it to make out my grocery list and order it all on Instacart to be delivered in time to make Sunday dinner. WOOP!

I wanted to add some scripture to our every day and made this favorite verse from Phillipians to frame and display.

Now I never have to search for cute kid stationery again. I"ve printed a stash and have the PDF saved for more. We use these for notes to friends, teachers, pen pal letters, thank you notes and more.

We recently used a new babysitter (whom I loved! she tidied the kitchen, and left notes on how the night went). Before we left, I scribbled some allergy info down on a piece of paper and left just in case. Now I have these Babysitters Notes posted in the cabinet with all the pertinent info, we can change it up as the kids get older (weight of medicine measurements, etc) and there is even a spot for the illusive Wifi Password.

And this is my favorite. I am never buying another birthday card (for a kids birthday party) again --HOORAY! I've printed these on card stock and sit the kiddo down (with some markers) to color in the party hat and fill in the names. VOILA!

Head over to my little shop to grab what you need, I'll personalized them and have them to you in a jiffy.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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