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Bookmarking these Sheet Pan Dinners...

I've discovered the ease (and deliciousness) of piling chicken and some favorite veggies along with olive oil and some fresh and dried herbs onto a sheet pan and roasting to perfection. The husband loves, and I love, and the kiddos pick out the parts they like best (and we force them to at least take a few bites of the parts they don't). So although I have a few staples that I've been whipping up here and there , I am on the hunt for some new flavors to add to our weekly menus. Starting with the below:

Sheet Pan Meatballs with Crispy Turmeric Chickpeas

Sheet Pan Chicken with Maple Brussels Sprouts

Sheet Pan Chicken Sausage with Veggies

Sheet Pan BBQ Meatloaf Dinner

Sheet Pan Chicken Tikka

Have you tried making sheet pan dinners?


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