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MANTRA for motherhood...and life

Could this be a #wordlesswednesday post? Or how about a #justwordswithnoexplanation post? Or do these words just explain themselves? I find myself having to repeat these words to myself aloud today. They come in handy in most situations --marriage, motherhood, work, fitness, faith, family matters.. A water main broke in my county and so I had pick the kids up early from school. Which threw a monkey wrench in my agenda for today. They still have homework and since everyone is at home in the middle of the day (but with things to do) the puppy is whimpering.. the kids are whimpering (because they think its a free day = screen time).. and I'm whimpering too (because a bazillion things have since popped up on my to do list and I've already dropped all the balls this week).

I will have confidence in my ability make the magic happen (because I am magical) today and everyday. I will give myself some grace (if I drop my wand) because its certainly better than bullying myself and I'll take progress over perfection any day. And I will persevere because I know it will all (if not by magic then by diligence and patience) fall into place as long as I just keep trying..

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