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some ideas for spring sprucing up around the house...

Spring has sprung and as we tackle some spring cleaning and decluttering projects around the house, I'm feeling the urge to do some sprucing up as well. With a small budget in tow, I've been scouring the web and some fave mags for the perfect affordable pieces to add here and there around the house...


This trio is actually on its way to my address as we speak. I spotted them in the latest issue of Redbook and immediately envisioned a planter, a toy bin to tuck a way strays in the living room, and one stuffed with fluffy white towels in the master bath.


I've never purchased a rug from Overstock (so send your reviews if you have them) but there is something about the browns/tans (and the price) in this rug that really speak to me. I think it would be a perfect change out to my current living room rug and bring in some neutral colors (which I'm currently craving).


You cant go wrong with stripes in my book. And these chunky stripes are a super cute modern twist on a classic. One of each please. All three are definitely not in the budget so if I had to choose. I'm a black and white kinda girl. You know what they say #AlwaysBetOnBlack.


I have super fond and vivid memories of the house I grew up in (and lived-in for 25 years). There was a hanging plant (a huge fern) in the entryway right next to the front door that I passed everyday as I headed out to school. I've been dying to replicate that with my own twist. I love this pretty mother of pearl succulent and am on the hunt for one to make my very own.

I'm really digging this tribal planter I saw on Etsy and this one with a beautiful quote inscribed too.


For function and design, I'm looking forward to adding a fun and unique clock to my dining room.

salad plates

Hoping this warm weather brings a few impromptu friends over for dinner (and cocktails). Searching for some clean crisp salad plates to add to the cupboards and these will definitely do. Chip and Joanna rarely do anything that I don't agree wit and this is no exception.

While the specific style of these pieces are my own (classic with a modern twist), putting your own spin (traditional? scandinavian? bohemian? minimalist?) on these staple home items will bring some fresh changes and life to your space for spring.

So that's what I'm thinking... What are your thoughts?


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