On Friendship

Realizing as an elderly person now. That the rules also apply to me and my friendships as well.

A friend made a mistake and did something she thought was funny and cool but also happened to be inappropriate. Second chances.

Lifts you and never wants to see you down.

Scuffles and differences of opinion will happen. The think I remember most a

They just get you. And always have your back. Cheer you on.

The thing I remember most about my very best friend from the third grade (and we still to this day send each other funny memes and ) WE just got each other. We had a lot win common but also made us different.

I got a text from a dear friend that said, "M and I were talking and she mentioned how much she loves to watch Andie dance. How beautiful it is." And I thought, Wow! I love the way these girls cheer each other on!

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