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I want to start writing again.

Because I do really love to encourage, and to be encouraged. I was listening to Oprah's Super Soul Sunday on my morning walk with Brodie and had one of her "aha" moments. What I already know for sure.(.. mostly) as I grapple with how to raise these young people that I hope will be leaders (or just confidently whatever they wish to be in this life) is that my job is to show them by example what is important. I'm constantly telling them what to do which is so exhausting (mentally, and emotionally). Tidy, Bathe, Read, Turn it off, Go Play, Eat, Put that back... ) Its The Black Mama (Mamba?) in me feels like "Because I said so" and "Put some Respeck on my name" But the the Brene Brown and Conscious Parent in me (these are pretty polar opposites of each other, is all like " I'm just here to guide them and let them do and be who they want to be. I truly believe (for real this time) that its not what you say but how you say it. We had some family come and stay for a night this weekend (unexpectantly but I loved every minute of if for many reasons) and as I watched the dad tell his son to go put some lotion on his legs "not a little bit but enough to cover your legs and not be ashy", it was his tone that was firm but loving. Almost funny, not diminishing or embarrassing, and very matter of fact. For some reason watching that interaction stuck with me. I'm actually digressing here but my bigger point is that I want to show my children how to live and love life (without having to have a screen in their hands at all times) by showing them, by bringing them along, by directing with a calm and loving tone, by keeping my promises (both good and bad) by dancing openly and whenever I (they) can. So anyway. I wrote, it it felt good. Also Happy Birthday Mommy and I hope we all (you and me and everybody) get to do something fun with awesome people today -- the fourth of July.

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